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    Bought the flashes more than 10 years ago. Used for a while. Kept inside my store and forgotten. Cleaning up yesterday and found this set lying right inside.
    Of the 3, 2 still flashes when triggered. Help needed to locate the agent or anyone able to repair the 3rd one.


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    Wow!! You don't find Comets around very often, even in the US. Are they monolights? Or a powerpack with 3 heads?

    When you say they don't fire, is it the flash tube that has gone bad or the capacitors? Try swapping out the flash tubes and see if the one that doen't fire, will now fire. Make sure you don't let your fingers touch the bare tube, if you do make sure you clean them off.

    How long have they been sitting in your store room? Hopefully the capacitor hasn't gone bad.

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    Thanks for the reply hondasleeper. It is in the store for some years. How to post a picture

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    Not too sure. What is the model number of your Comets?

    Have you tried swapping out the flash tubes to see if it is the flash tube that is bad?

    Try that first before you start worring about the capacitors, flash tubes are easier to replace than a capacitor.

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    I would post a photo of the flash if I know how.
    A Technician checked this flash and confirmed that the capacitor went bad and some other component too. The transformer inside is also problematic. All those faults cost a bomb to replace.
    Would appreciate very much if a second opinion can be obtained.

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    No too sure, if there are any other places you could get the flash fixed. You might want to ask around. Maybe if you go back to the place that you bought the flash they should know of who might be able to repair it, Cathay, Ruby, The Camera Workshop might be a couple of places you could try.


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