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Thread: Technical vs Art

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    nowaday I dun care about technical and I think most people will shake their heads when they look at my portfolio.

    I agar agar know the foundations...but before I can really master the technical side, I wanted to play with the artisitic side. think composing pic more fun =)

    I try to compose pic, as i go along, then I learn the technical side..... I am a bad student. But who cares, as long as I have fun =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsbn
    Maybe its a little vague but I shall elaborate.

    Technically excellent photo: Pinpoint sharp, clear, adherence to 1/3rd rule, exposure spot on.
    Artistically excellent photo: All that above AND 1 tinge of special touch.
    i don't agree with your definition of technically excellent (and by extension, your definition of artistically excellent)

    if you're in control of your technique, that means that you can control the focus, the depth of field, the exposure, the amount of blur or lack of it, in your photo. it means you pay attention to your framing and composition.

    but once you achieve these things, why should you CHOOSE those attributes listed above? if you can control where you focus, and how much is in focus, why would only a sharp, in-focus shot be excellent? if you know what you're doing, you may shoot a silhouette, or intentionally blow highlights, so what's a spot on exposure?

    and... rule of thirds? aiyoh, it's useful and it's safe, but is it a mark of technical excellence?
    Black lens, white Lens, can take picture is a Good lens

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    All depends on the target audience. Frankly speaking, nothing in this world is perfect unless the individual chose to believe or influenced by others that it is excellent.

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