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Thread: Colour + Texture?

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    Default Colour + Texture?

    Hi all. Just wanna see how does one of my personal favourite picture works out for you guys. I'm all ears. I guess it's the colour and texture that catches my eye.

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    focus abit to the back. imo, should focus on the onion on the left "pointing at you".

    also, i think the DOV is too small.

    color to not strong enough.

    which texture you want us to see? i see only basket have, the wall that is blurr also have.

    what is it you want to us to focus more / to see.
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    dof too shallow for me. would be better if the potatos is swap with something in green, maybe young tomatos. with it the contrast between the orions/basket and tomatos will really show the contrast

    juz my 2c

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    good elements and potential for a great still life. The DOF and focus have mentioned but I think the more important thing is the composition.

    Go look at some still life that artise have painted and photographers have photographed - you can find tons just browsing the Internet - and then know what is a GOOD still life.

    Then come back, recompose and then shoot.

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    -dof isn't deep enough to show texture, most of the vegetables are blurry blobs.
    -no 'colour' to speak of, very dull unattractive pink/brown/grey.
    -choose simpler compositions in the future. choose better backgrounds in the future.
    -unattractive foreground, consider filling the 'hole' with a potatoe or something next time.
    -lighting lighting lighting.

    it may have been your favourite but it's time to junk it for something better.

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    Default Re: Colour + Texture?

    thx you for all the pointers! will try to put all those into actions.


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