Reading through the papers this morning I could not help but be drawn to the articles about internet regulation or lack thereof, and immediately the CS Kopitiam came to mind. To my mind, the internet can only survive as a useful medium for the dissemination of knowledge if the information in it is reliable and has undergone some form of "diligence". I.e., postings are scrutinised for accuracy, veracity and logic. There is no way any sort of government authority can perform that function, therefore, it falls on the shoulders of all responsible internet users to do that job. Challenge what appears dubious, poke holes in illogical arguments, and be brave about doing it.

Unfortunately, often times users think of self-regulation as "no regulation". I.e., users post whatever opinions, and expect others to swallow it. Some even take affront when they are challenged, as if their opinion were sacrosanct.

My view is that whatever is posted publicly is game for debate. If something is put up, then it should be open to challenge and debate. Ideally, it should be about the issues and not personal, although often folk are so wrapped up in their own opinions this is often difficult to achieve.