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Thread: Macro shots

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    for a 300mm lens at ƒ/5.6 your DOF is going to be really shallow, epsecially for something that size (depth). next time you can try a few shots at decreasing aperture, you will learn what range of aperture is suitable for what situation. remember DOF gets shallower with increasing focal length (for any given aperture). one way is to pull back and rely on your available megapix to crop down the final image.

    1/100s shutter is probably really pushing it for ƒ=300mm. and Nikons are not great at ISO400, can see noise already.

    remember your sigma lens is only 1:2 max magnification. the tamron is a 1:1 true macro. reverse 50mm will give more than 1:1 but at the expense of vignetting, distortion and very short working distance. you need to choose the appropriate lens for the appropriate subjects.
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    Thanks for the advice..
    btw, using a canon 350D...

    agreed tat this lens aint exactly the best around for macro...
    but will probably use it for awhile before spending $$...again..

    my other half making noise liao...

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    I think use a tripod and higher f numbers to achieve more DOF. Also, the angle you shoot it from now, you either get the first half of the hopper sharp and the other haf blur or vice versa.

    So, positioning is very important.

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