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    ND - Neutral Density filters, what exactly are they used for? I read somewhere its used for reducing light?

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    they are used to reduce light, often it comes in a gradated ND form, with the upper portion cutting the light while the lower portion is clear. So for landscape, it will darken the sky and give it more detail while allowing you to also expose for the foreground.

    another example is use is to use a strong ND filter (cut exposure by up to 3 stops) for flowing water or waterfall scenes if the exposure is still too short at f16-22 for example - the effect you get is the soft flowing cottonwool effect of the water flowing - u see it all the time in photo mags...

    never tried it but seen it in a photo bk - really cool application is to use as slow film so possible, stop down to your smallest aperture, and use a strong a ND u can find, you can even try make a street appear totally deserted even if if was crowed....hehehe!


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