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    We are conducting Professional Digital Imaging course.

    Tentative Date:27th Jun 2006
    Tentative Timing: 7.30pm -9.30pm

    The course contents are as below.

    Workspace Management & RAW Workflow
    • Using Colour Profiles
      • Setting Profiles for Workspaces & Colour Management Policies
    • Workspace Customization
    • Adobe Bridge
      • Batch Operations with Bridge
    • CS2 Raw Plug-in

    Colour Enhancement
    • Improving Colour Vividness
    • Changing Colours
    • Advanced Greyscale Conversion
    • Colouring Greyscale Images
    • Cross Process Imaging

    Photo Enhancement
    • Advanced Skin Softening
    • High Key Effect
    • Soft Spotlight
    • Understand Curves
    • Enhance Image Details

    Digital Surgery & Cosmetics
    • Portrait Slimming
    • Whole Body Slimming
    • Boob Job
    • Lipstick
    • Eye Shadows & Eye Liners
    • Blushers

    • Image Extraction Techniques
    • Master Paths and the Pen Tool
    • Handling Colour Cast Composition
    • Adding Realistic Shadows
    • Creating Clouds

    Composition II
    • Replacing Skies
    • Enhancing Skies
    • Borders & Frames
    • Text Effects

    Output & Protection
    • Creating Copyright Marks
    • Adding Copyright Information
    • Colour Space Management
    • Automation Commands
    • Preparing for Print

    Preparing for Web
    • Know Where and When to Use Different Formats
    • Optimizing Image for Web Usage
    • Use Slices in ImageReady

    Click to see enlarged image.

    Notes will be provided. It will be held in our training room in Waterloo Street. For information on our location, please visit our site @

    Prerequisite: asic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS2/ Has taken our EDI course
    Only five seats are available

    Duration of Course: 16 hours (8 sessions of 2 hours each on every tuesday)

    Price: S$390
    Clubsnap members special: $351
    Please drop us a mail or PM us if you are interested.
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