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Thread: Developing Individual Style/Perspective

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    Default Developing Individual Style/Perspective

    Hi guys,
    topic for discussion, the question can also be "how did the masters cartier, ansel, ritts, avedon etc. succeed? Because they were able to translate their perspective or 'style' effectively into their photos?

    obviously, every 'pro' out there first has a solid understanding of his/her gear to translate his/her view/style into the photo. I think the masters succeeded partly because of this reason, they technically knew their gear well and knew how to shoot... but what to shoot, that is the question...

    Serious or non-serious, all welcome to share opinions...

    I know the cliches, "photography is supposed to be fun, just develop style along the way lor, subjective, personal tastes, think out of the box etc" but I'm curious to hear or discuss how photographers seriously develop their perspective or style. Some say it's a work-in-progress till you die, some have a formula (bokeh, fancy PS), some are 'so-called-inspired' by the masters, some just execute photography with technical precision (rule of thirds, lighting, apertures), some just roam & take random abstract pictures. Some have no freedom for personal artistic expression because the photography is under the demands of the client. Some cater to the whims & fancies of current trends (yellow/green cast, contrasty, etc), some just shoot shoot shoot, see what they like and they're satisfied without understanding why they like it.

    That said, I believe groundbreaking material is possible with every individual because every individual is unique. Partly because he/she know the gear well but has developed a unique style that he/she really likes & understands, instead of simply photographing interesting or attractive subjects. Also, the rule of thirds guideline feels like its slowly moving towards the extreme ends of the framing... just like the framing in the wide-screen movies...

    wonder what U guys think.... before someone says 'think out of the box', ask first 'what the hell defines the box(boundaries)?'

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    Default Re: Developing Individual Style/Perspective

    Just shoot the way that please you, apply on any subjects, the style will come along..

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    Default Re: Developing Individual Style/Perspective

    Quote Originally Posted by Rev
    "how did the masters cartier, ansel, ritts, avedon etc. succeed? Because they were able to translate their perspective or 'style' effectively into their photos?
    I would think developing your style is only one aspect of it. Just as (if not even more) important is what becomes fashionable, who you know, blind luck, etc. Artists may be starving because they are "ahead of their time" (i.e. some "master painters"), fashion may take unexpected turns, or you may by chance catch the eye of an influential art critic who "sanctions" your work, creating demand for your "brand".

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    Default Re: Developing Individual Style/Perspective

    if you want to go beyond shooting for fun or shooting for a livelihood, you got to develop relationships with your work. if what you have done doesn't affect you, it won't reflect you and won't affect others.


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