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Thread: 1-to-1 Basic Photoshop Workshop For Photographers - July/August 2006 Intake

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    Default 1-to-1 Basic Photoshop Workshop For Photographers - July/August 2006 Intake

    You have just spent hundreds of dollars on this wonderfully-sophisticated software called Adobe Photoshop. However, you are having a lot of trouble trying to figure out the complexities behind it.

    You have all the manuals, reference books and cheat sheets you can lay your hands on (and buy!) but you still cannot "get it"?

    You are yanking your hair in frustration. Tiredness creeps in. You have a serious brain-drain. You decide to give up. Regretful, cursing and swearing.

    If the above scenario sounds like you, I have got good news! An experienced, Adobe certified (from the USA), Photoshop digital imaging professional (yours truly) from an established local photography studio will like to help you.

    A wise Photoshop guru once said "Put three people in a room, give them each a computer, an image and 30 minutes, and I bet that they'll each come up with at least three ways to solve the same Photoshop problem."

    The variety of approaches that Photoshop allows can at time be frustrating or invigorating, depending on how much you like to explore and experience. I want YOU to be invigoriated.

    For a reasonable fee, I will show you the tips, the tricks and the shortcuts behind Photoshop.

    Unlike others, this workshop does not restrict to a specific Photoshop version or computer platforms. However, some of the topics do utilize the latest features in Photoshop CS2 (please see course layout).

    Lesson 1 – Introduction
    1. Quick & Easy monitor calibration without using expensive Spyders or hockey pucks
    2. Photoshop fundamentals - knowing what you have in your toolbox
    3. Working Efficiently with Keyboard Shortcuts
    4. Interpreting a digital image and the advantages of shooting in RAW
    5. Understanding Adobe Bridge (for Photoshop CS2 users only)
    Lesson 2 – Improving Tonal and Contrast
    1. Understanding histograms
    2. Understanding Adjustment Layers
    3. Quick and Easy tonal and contrast correction using Levels and Curves Adjustment Layers
    4. Working with Layer Mask
    5. Restoring badly faded images
    Lesson 3 – Exposure Correction
    1. Understanding over and underexposure and how avoid them
    2. Correcting severely over and underexposed images
    3. Creating the 'Digital' flash effects
    4. Identifying and removing hotspots
    5. Working with Blending modes
    6. Transformation Tools (Scale, Rotate, Distort, etc)
    Lesson 4 – Working with Colors & Simple Retouching
    1. Understanding Color Theory and Color Spaces
    2. Identifying color cast
    3. Correct color temperature problems quickly and easily
    4. The Dan Margulis Color Correction Techniques (the best part about using his technique is that your monitor does not even have to be color calibrated)
    5. Using Stamp Tool, Healing Brush, Spot Healing Brush, Patch Tools Techniques (Photoshop 7 and above)
    6. Using the Vanishing Point & Lens Correction Filters (Photoshop CS2 Only)
    * Practice images on CD and lesson notes will be provided. Instructor and students will keep in close touch through e-mails during and after completing the workshop. Students are kept informed of constant updates of new techniques.
    Don't just take my words. Here are the testimonials from current participants:

    "Course is fun.... I really learn a lot from it" - Mr. Lee (IT professional)

    "The instructor is wonderful. He is very patience. He makes sure I understand the steps. No regrets!" - Mr. Aw (lawyer)

    "I am in his advance level workshop now. I am always looking forward to attend." - Miss. Yong (photo enthusiast, accountant)

    "It all started with a personal project of restoring old family photographs. All I can say is I am now the most popular member in my family." - Mrs. Ong (housewife, mother of 2)

    "From someone who knew nothing about Photoshop in the beginning, I am now working as a freelance DI artist earning a good sum of money." - Mr. Hamzah (freelance DI "guy", wedding photographer, aircraft technician)

    "I took up his workshop two months ago (Nov 2005) just for fun. Never know I will become a Photoshop 'addict'. But seriously, I learn a lot!" - Miss. Jung (marketing communication executive, Photoshopper)

    "Thank you for this 'out-of-this-world' workshop. I was a Photoshop hobbyist, but now I am all-geared to perform some miracles on my images." - Mr. Ho (Chief executive chef, Foodie Fotographer)

    "An eye-opener indeed! I know Photoshop is powerful tool for photographers but I didn't realise it is so powerful. Thank you for the experience." - Mr. Gui (hobbyist photographer, and still in military)

    "Photoshop is so much fun after this 1-to-1 workshop. Now I am not 'handicapped' and overwhelmed by the software anymore." - Mr. Loong (Certified Public Accountant, photo enthusiast)

    "My wife and I can work as a team now that both of us have completed this marvellous workshop. Thank you so much for showing us the ways to improve our photos and, let's not forget, forging even closer relationship between spouse. Thanks again!" - Mr and Mrs. Tan (refuge volunteers, small business entrepreneurs and avid photographers)

    "I have attended countless 'so-called' Photoshop workshops. But only yours is truly customized for us, the photographers. Your workshop is the best one so far!" - Mr. Teng (social worker, freelance wedding photographer)

    For more information on this individual, one-to-one workshop, please PM me.
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    Default Re: 1-to-1 Basic Photoshop Workshop For Photographers - July/August 2006 Intake

    A brief report on facts and figures:
    • There are a total of 8 participants enrolled into the May/June 2006 (previous) intake.
    • 4 of them started in May. Another 4 will commence in June.
    • 2 out of the 8 participants are females.
    • There are 2 executives, 1 manager, 1 accountant, 1 active NSman, 1 banker, 1 social worker and 1 executive chef.
    • 2 in the North, 3 in the East, 1 in the West and 2 Central.
    • Most participants prefer morning hours. 2 prefer weekends.
    • I have 5 participants having their lessons at the comfort of their home. 2 in their offices and 1 in a cafe.
    • 4 of them are Nikon users and the other 4 are Canon users (break even!). No Fujifilm or Olympus user this time.
    • 2 of them are using Mac and the rest are Windows users.
    • 2 using Photoshop 7, 3 Photoshop CS and 3 using Photoshop CS2.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful feedbacks and testimonials. Best wishes to all the workshop participants.
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    Default Re: 1-to-1 Basic Photoshop Workshop For Photographers - July/August 2006 Intake

    I strongly encourage those of you who are planning to participate in my 1-to-1 Basic Photoshop Workshop to attend the Adobe Digital Imaging Seminars coming this Thursday, June 1, 2006 at Capital Tower, STI Auditorium Level 9. Capital Tower is located next to Tanjong Pagar MRT station, directly opposite CPF Building at Robinson Road.

    This FREE 3 sessions seminar will give you a 'kick-start' to my workshop.

    You can register here
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    Default Re: 1-to-1 Basic Photoshop Workshop For Photographers - July/August 2006 Intake

    all places taken for the seminar alraedy... now waitlist.

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    Default Re: 1-to-1 Basic Photoshop Workshop For Photographers - July/August 2006 Intake

    I am sorry to inform all of you that the 4 vacancies available are for morning and early afternoon timings only. Evening time slots have been taken!
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