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Thread: After sunset

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    Default After sunset

    The results of my 1st attempt of "waiting for the light"
    The colours r natural n not psed. Some cropping done.
    Pls C&C generously.

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    Blue should not be natural - white balance?
    1) Composition - too cluttered - no point of interest
    2) I tend to follow the walkway and the poles and found it cut off
    (not cut off would be better)
    3) Changing to B&W and cropping using potrait instead of landscape the central wallkway may produce a better result?
    Just mt 2cents worth.

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    did u change the white balance?
    look so blue la.
    i feel blue after that. heheheh...

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    hi, in astonav, are u waiting for the "light" or "first light"?
    recommend u try reading up for first light.. it might be good for shot, but very difficult to take good ones...

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    Actually was waitin for the light to be jus bright enuff to show contrast of the bridge but dark enuff to be obvious it is goin to be nite.

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    thnx cecil n ipodlady for the comments too.
    the whitebalance was set at auto.
    but agree tt it looks veri cluttered.


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