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Thread: Sellers backing out?

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    deal in front of a CCTV lah hahaha

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    Sold my first product and bought my first coincidentally both on same day. Both turned out very well.

    Just worried about overcharging/undercharging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sausage
    Haro RL!!

    I think the seller was trying to keep you handy as a backup buyer in case the first one backed out on the spot.
    I find this sort of selling ethic really sick... out to sell something at the expense of other's time!

    To those sellers: Ask yourself, would you be happy if one day your seller did this to you???

    I encountered 2 such sellers.

    One fly me kite 1 hr before meeting (Via sms: "Sorry, I just sold the item... " << WTF!!!)

    Another fly me kite 2 hrs before meeting (Via sms: "I just sold the item, thanks for your time..." <<< Indeed, you were wasting my time! No sorry no nothing... Although we already fixed the appointment, he said first come first serve in his thread, so he did not feel or have to say sorry. Then, what is the point of fixing an appointment??? )

    Both are working adults, middle age at least.... really a shame to adulthood or the adult community!

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