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There Has Never Been A Better Time To Upgrade From RawShooter | essentials 2006...

To get the benefits from RawShooter | premium 2006, which is why we are offering an amazing upgrade offer of $59.95, yes thatís only $59.95!!

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RawShooter| premium 2006 has the same look and feel as RawShooter | essentials 2006 but is packed with new applications and improved performance to help you produce better pictures.

Here are 5 great reasons to upgrade to the No. 1 rated RAW workflow software on the planet:

ĒThe Winner Ė Weíve looked at seven different packages of RAW converters, but we have to find one winner. Which is it to be? Ė Itís a close-run thing, but weíre going to give the verdict to
RawShooter | premium 2006. It does have flaws Ė That aside RawShooter | premium 2006 continues to impress us as the most affordable, fastest, most efficient RAW converter around right now and the one that produces the sharpest-looking results.
RawShooter | essentials 2006 is still around, and still free, but the premium version adds support for newer cameras, curves adjustments, and two-up and four-up viewing. RAW conversion isnít just about converting single images; itís about a fast and efficient workflow for sorting and processing whole batches of them, and thatís were RawShooter | premium 2006 excels.Ē

For more reviews from around the world check out the reviews section on our website. They all say the same thing, RawShooter| premium 2006 is the ultimate RAW workflow tool and will improve your photography beyond what you ever thought possible.

Further more it has a new / enhanced internal colour profiles for existing cameras to make your pictures look even better! This support will not be available in RawShooter | essentials 2006. So if you are considering buying a new DSLR in the next few months then there is no better time to upgrade at this great low price of $59.95 to experience the benefits of RawShooter | premium 2006.

Like the intelligent Vibrance tool that has become an integral part to many of our userís workflow. Unlike the existing saturation slider, Vibrance only saturates those areas in need of saturation and gives an overall effect like the popular slide film Fuji Velvia. Itís brilliant and we guarantee that you will use it to warm up those moody sunsets and provide life to images on those dull, cloudy days. Once again Vibrance is exclusive to RawShooter | premium 2006.

- To minimize your time in front of the PC and maximize your photography. You can now compare upto 4 RAW files side by side, crop images to improve their composition using ďrule of thirdsĒ composition guides and rotate them to your hearts desire. Got a DSLR that produces an A4 image when you have an A3 printer? Well donít go wasting money on another product to help you, simply use the new Re-Sizing feature of RawShooter | premium 2006 to get you a bigger image with no visible loss in quality (as tested by the experts). Brilliant, you get all this in one application for only $59.95!!!!

Support the development of great new workflow tools by Pixmantec by upgrading today. You all know how much
RawShooter | essentials 2006 has improved your photography, well you will be amazed to see how much farther RawShooter | premium 2006 can take your photography. We can only keep developing great new products with your support, so upgrade today!!

RawShooter | premium 2006 Special Offer $59.95 Ends May 31!
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