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Thread: availabilty & cost of lens

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    Default availabilty & cost of lens

    Hi fellow CS members,

    Juz wanted to know the following :

    Went to funan centre John 3:16 but they were closed but i caught a glimpse of the Tcon-17 & Wcon-07 len boxes in their display along the walkway, does any bro here know do they still carry the lens and at wat prices the lens are going for and the cost of the CL4 lens adapter?

    Thinking of getting both lens for my c-770 if the price is rite as the raynox lens DCR-2020 cost a bomb and is currently beyond my reach.


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    John 3:16

    Samuel E.H.Gan (sales manager)

    He is a nice person!.. hope he can help you


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