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    have a photo of a lady which is pixelated cos its cropped and blown up. how do i edit the photo through adobe photoshop to get rid of the pixels? slowly clone?. is there a solution or am i just talking rubbish?

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    First of all, what camera are u using, what's the resolution and megapixel setting u shot at.

    U can be shooting on a 640 x 480 vga camera, cropped and blown up and absolutely unsalvageable. Or u can be shooting on a 2 or 3MP camera and photoshop gurus here would be able to at least help u salvage a little bit.

    U're not talking rubbish but when u gave no picture (this is a minor problem) as well as no info as to the camera specs, u can't expect us to actually devise a solution just like that. We are mere human photographers, NOT GOD OR MIND READERS.
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