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    Some interesting cloud cover outside my window, for critique.

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    Pretty grainy. Did you use a tripod since you at home? Blue sky don't look natural at all. What's so interesting about the cloud anyway? It doesn't seem to form a pattern. It look so messy to me... Sorry if i sound so harsh..

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    There were some very dark patches of deep blue on the cloud, which I found interesting as I had never seen it before. The deep "unnatural" colours are the result of post-processing. I'm a fan of greater saturation, just my personal preference. There's no point using a tripod in broad daylight unless your arms are made of jelly, this again is in my personal opinion. I shot the image at ISO 250, and personally I think it's fairly clean. The "graininess" is likely as a result of compression.
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    looks fine to me, not grainy either just somewhat out of focus. the bluecast does seem unnatural but its your choice as an artist i do have beef with the composition though -- plane closer to edge of frame would be better (idea of exit)

    i recognize that place i think, it...reminds me of this thing near pasir panjang! i like this shot. i have seen those clouds as well, they aren't exactly unusual but a sight to behold nonetheless! ^^ and i agree with your thing about tripods! i don't carry my tripod unless i am planning to do small apertures!

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    I noticed as well that it was a tad out of focus. Pretty odd since I used it at infinity. The crane was about 100-200m away and I used a 200mm lens. I reprocessed the image to lighten the blue cast. Better?

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    i think feel the 1st pic is nicer than the 2nd..

    maybe u shld try removing the blue tint from the plane, make it whiter, more natural.
    or just revert back to original tones, then isolate the plane before applying processing the sky color.


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