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Thread: Olympus or canon or others?

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    Default Olympus or canon or others?

    After thiking quite a while, I've bought a Casio Z600. To my dismay, the photo turn out to be far satisfatory than those taken by m,y old Canon A40.

    Now, I'm changing camera. Eyeing on SP350, but heard a lot of cons about it.
    About the same price (~$500) should I get this SP350 or Canon or other brand?

    Thanks for any recommendation.

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    Default Re: Olympus or canon or others?

    Hard to determine just like that my friend

    you could take a look at this webpage --->
    for some preliminary idea of what camera you are looking for and then go to your local camera shop and test it out...take your time there.
    Make arushed decision and you might regret it

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    Default Re: Olympus or canon or others?

    Still to the tried n trusted camera brands lah.. u get casio wat u expect?

    Since u like the Canon colors, should consider getting back Canon.. maybe the A540 would suit u well. Also remember that the smaller and slimmer the cam, the smaller the ccd and lens.. which usually means lower pic quality..

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    personal recommendation: canon S2IS, canon G3, sony F828, sony V7 (or is it W7)


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