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    I find myself creating abstract from architecture... Some caucasian friends love this. Some asian friends think it's so-so.

    This is 1 of my favorite photos partly because it gives mixed feelings. Wonder what you 'abstract' guys think of this from a CS/Singapore perspective? Feel free to C&C...

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    I don't see it as abstract. Maybe you can share with us your 'mixed feelings'. For someone who has never seen this building will probably be curious.

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    the 'angmohs' saw it as a building first, then as 3 blocks moving up from left to right or moving down from right to left or as a wierd 3D tetris block.

    the asians saw it merely as a rectangle building with square features, square tiles...

    I see it as both because the lines in a 2D plane gives a 3D drawing... like how a square is drawn in 2D with 9 lines to give a 3D effect... instead of the usual 4 lines.

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    i would clone off or shift the angle to avoid the "roof" for a clean look.....
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    It looks like it's dancing...


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