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Thread: LOTR2: must see (spoiler alert)

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    I think everyone forgot the joker of the show.. Gimli...

    "TOSS ME!"

    "We're not built for cross-country but we dwarves are dangerous over short distances! *pant pant.. *pant pant..

    Gimli: Hey! What's do you see down there?
    Legolas: Do you want me to describe to you, or do you want me to get you a box?

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    I especially love the battle at Helmskeep cos... Legolas speaks! And jokes as well!

    Gimli: TWO!!
    Legolas: I'm on seventeen.

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    Originally posted by Silverelf

    Definitely Fx lah..... just want to know how they work it into the scene.... and I think he used his right hand. Maybe when he 'disappeared' off the screen that's the trick.. hmm.. must watch and see. ... Tell him to carry handphone... don't want. idiot.
    carry hp? are we still on Earth.Net? hullo? harleys in LOTR III?

    well if they can work giant wolves into the grasslands I suppose legolas is not a prob... probably shot him sliding off a barrel and superimpose plus morph a bit...
    I find the lighting matching for gollum more impressive... very hard to match hot afternoon sun, cos u'd think it's just unidir harsh light, but actually still got quite a bit of radiosity there, esp with so many rocks glaring ard...
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