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    Hi all, newbie here so pls give critiques and advices. Thanks alot.

    another one
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    u took outside the airport? My frens and I once took pics outside the airport.......a police cruiser stopped n took down our particulars.......then cid came a-visiting to have small chat wif us......rather confused by the police's stand on takin pics near the airport. they told us takin pics of the airport thru the fence is "dangerous", then told us to take pics frm inside the airport instead.............

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    wow..den i must be really lucky. *phew* anyways, pls do comment on the pics okay? thanks. taken w d70s kit lens only. no $$. haha

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    errr......sorry, i dun c aniting interesting abt the pics. The kit lens of d70s is veri gd. N i happen to have onli tt too.

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    The last pic kinda worked because of the play of lights. But you should try to develop that further in post. The others, especially the OOF first pic, don't work for me. Cheers.

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    first pic don't work for me.
    oof and also too much of empty spaces.

    2nd pics is pretty fine.

    as for 3rd pic. maybe something with more dof?

    jus my 2cents worth.

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    whats oof? thnks for ur comments, i'll improve on em. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by danlin
    whats oof? thnks for ur comments, i'll improve on em. =)
    oof = out of focus

    anyway i think the first pic looks oof becos the focus was on the plane and not the building
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    Gauging the standards based on some photo magazines. I'd say that the shot that has probably the most potential to be worked on is the thrid shot. As it presents something to think about. Say for example "What is behind that fence?" bueacuse it is all a blurr there due to the Shallow DOF. Deeper DOF might be a little harder to achieve due to the fact that the space btw the fence and the airport is hard to quantify with no light, unless you use a slow shutter speed and a small aperature. Perhaps a more centralised alignment as well as focus may help to bring out the photo a little more.


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    I see...I get ur constructive pov. Thanks alot chris!

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    No worries. =) Just a lil try on the pic. Hope you dun mind. If you do, let me know, i'll remove it straight away.

    Wanted to create a lil more of an abstract feel to it. Hope you like it.

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    I dun mind at all.= ) nice try, yah i wanted mine to ve an abstract feel too.


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