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Thread: If you are a stamp collector, I hav a quest to ask, pls....

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    Default If you are a stamp collector, I hav a quest to ask, pls....

    Just bought a set of Singapore 2002 Stamp Collection this afternoon.

    Have some questions to stamp hobbyists:
    1) Do you use a pair of tweezers to handle the stamps?
    2) If yes, is there a special one for handling stamps? Can you please recommend?


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    1) Generally, yes. To keep stamps in mint condition. Reason being our hands are often moist and they tend to spoilt the glue behind the stamps easily.

    2) There are no special tweezers to handle stamps. Just make sure you get those flat head ones.

    Rather, since you bought the stamp collection book (its the book form right?) There's no reason for you to take out those stamps. Also, do consider about getting a dehumidifier. (ie dry cabinet). Singapore's weather is too humid, not good for stamps.

    And finally, if you're interested in singapore stamps and FDC, I've a big collection, available for sale


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