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the problem is the highlights are blown...at that time of the day with that kind of lighting you probably would need ND + polarizing (for reflection in the water) to reduce the light

or do HDR. combine multiple exposures

don't be put down by those comments that say rubbish like "This is meaningless". because that comment is equally meaningless.
i was in a rush then! rushing home. havent slept the whole night at the chalet. and no tripod.. thanks.. roughly how much would those filter cost?

thanks again! i will try harder..

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Here's my newbie point of view.

I like it. It probably falls under street photography which most of my shots come from. Shooting without meaning, and just for the pleasure to our eyes. I think it actually is pretty balanced in terms of the bright, dark, bright, dark , bright areas cos of the mildly light part in the middle of the image. Probably the only thing that i feel might improve this is, if you could go a little lower so as to balance the amount of headroom as well as your tail space. So that a certain form of symetery will be formed.

will do just that the next time i come across another similar situation. thanks.