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Thread: How to go about getting a photographer/model

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    I have this need, to have a male or female model, to feature a product, like a woman holding a pen and using it in an office environment, or a man using a electronic product in the home environment, the pictures to be published in online retail website or magazine advertisement etc. Personally I only know how to use auto cameras, and know nuts about lightings. I take pure product pictures myself so far. Any recommendation to get something started at very low budget? If any rookie who is more pro than me like to give some guidance, pls contact me. Pros, guidance appreciated, but I may not be able to pay good money. Need some preliminary feedbacks. Swimsuit not required, office wear or casual wear. Feature is product, not model. Model may even be blurred in the background.

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    You can try posting for photographers to shoot for you in the "Consumers Corner" forum. As for model+product shot, you definitely need more than just auto-camera... Just post a thread asking for help, I am sure there are photographers willing to shoot for a low budget...

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    you can try your luck in getting some of ur friends. btw if you need help in taking the photo, I can render you full support in any way of knowledge I can give to you. or you want to hire a photog', just PM me lor.. any price.. you name it


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