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Thread: Laserjet Printer:LBP2900, 203A or ML-2010??

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    Default Laserjet Printer:LBP2900, 203A or ML-2010??

    Hi all,

    Recently i'm looking for a monochrome laser printer for home use. I'm not a heavy user, just an occasional user that print text documents. Reason why i want to buy a laser printer is because i find the text quality from an inkjet isn't satisfactory.

    I've since zoomed down on 3 models as below:

    1) Fuji Xerox
    Printer Price: $168
    Toner Price: $80 (print up to 2500pages)
    Drum Price: $ $125

    2) Canon LBP 2900
    Printer price: $200
    Toner Price: $99
    Remarks: No seperate drum

    3) Samsung ML-2010
    Printer Price: $178
    Catridge price: Around $120
    Remarks: No seperate drum

    Anyone who own any of the above printers would like to share their experience in terms of
    a) noise level
    b) any jamming problems
    c) paper curling issue
    d) quality of prints
    e) any future cost issues
    f) size issue

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Best regards,
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