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    Where Are This:
    Dreamcar Asia 2006(Singapore) and Auto Drag 2006

    Btw is that also a photo/cam event too??? went to such an event 2 years ago.... the deal was great but that time no $ to buy so hoping such thing to happen.... tks for a reply
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    i think dreamcar is a showcase of cars. i'm not sure of the other one.
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    from what i know
    DreamCarsAsia - its a showcase of sports cars and accessories, had been held the last couple of years with relatively good response.

    there is another event, Big Boy Toyz, similar to DreamCarsAsia, in a smaller scale and both are pay per entry events.

    not too sure about Auto Drag but i am assuming Auto Drag is an event where radically designed cars go head to head in a race down a straight stretch of road ?

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    anyone knows the dates? venues

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    ooo nooooooooo...... it should be 'where' not 'what'..


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