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Thread: Mounting on black boards

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    Default Mounting on black boards

    SYPA rules call for the prints to be mounted on black boards. I've never done any mounting before.

    The print size for submission must be either 8” by 10” or 8” by 12”. The images
    must be printed by photographic lab process. Each print should be individually
    mounted on black mounting board. At the back of each board, clearly affix the
    following information: (i) Photographer’s name (ii) Address (iii) Contact
    number/s (iv) NRIC/Passport number (v) Subject matter category (vi) Title and
    (vii) A brief description of where and when the picture was taken

    any idea where to get the boards? how to mount? any special glue or sizes? thanks in advance!

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    Get them from art friend, bras basah. Because its paper, normal glue will do. make sure be careful not to dirty the picture while in the process. Even a fingerprint can mean a lot.


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