View Poll Results: Which is better? Film SLR or Digital for beginners' photography

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  • Digital CP5700

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  • Other Digital cams, please advice

    4 19.05%
  • Canon EOS 30

    7 33.33%
  • other film SLR's to recommend

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Thread: Film SLR Camera or digital compact

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    Go film, man! to me, digicams are for backup purposes.

    feel the excitement of waiting for your prints, like wat FOOXX said.


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    When I went for my NZ holidays, I brought an old Canon AE1 Program film SLR as backup for my Canon S30 digicam.

    Happy that I did that as the AE1 produced fabulous pics. Clear, sharp and vibrant photos.

    Of course, my S30 also did not disappoint. It too produced great pics.

    Uhh... so which to choose? If you got spare cash, both. If not, either one will be good.

    One advantage of digicams is the ability to shoot, review and shoot again. You can also find out the settings you made for each pic. For film, that'll be pretty costly in terms of photo development and printing. Also, you need to take note what settings you used for each pic. Pretty tricky.

    For learning, I'll suggest a good digicam with lots of manual controls. Once you're pretty comfortable with photography, get a film SLR.

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