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Thread: Why no male models and shoots??

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    Quote Originally Posted by espn
    Haha... you obviously think having muscles and acting tough makes a model...

    Yeah, it's for people who shoot, not for people to who decide who shoots...

    lol. dude. chill man. i'm not proclaiming myself as a model. i'm just interested in it. and trust me. i would like to do a shoot which shows more fashion clothing instead of revealing bod.

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    ya man...

    seriously lacking in male shoots in this forum, all i see are girls girls, bikinis, and all girl themes with females

    guys, a lot to work around with in my opinion, plus, guys more leverage to work with, can try lots of themes, especially those which requires more stamina and physical strength,

    like jumping up and down, then shooting in a freeze frame

    running in motion

    aerial aerobics and moves

    guys working in the gym

    the last theme, well guys working in the gym, seems like no one has ever done it, it would be quite cool and aesthetic i guess, the gym with the mirrored walls, can show the photog in the reflection, quite cool IMHO

    or couple shoots, in a pub or bar

    or even guys in heals, for more audacity levels, like something which pushes the society's boundaries, like something which will make the viewer raise an eyebrow, albeit in a good way

    guys in feathers

    guys with gothic and smudged make up

    guys with bruises, cuts, (may be real, or make up)

    so many themes, which can be experimented on guys, but would seem a bit too harsh to the female form

    to me, guys form, besides masculinity, could also portray the counter effect, the crying guys, the weak frail guys, the injured guys, all of which play counter to the assumed image of guys, this , would cause a controvesy, and best of all, an area where no one has ever been to...

    SLCC has done a shoot for me before, but i guess that's it, not really anymmore guys shoot going around...

    supply and demand, i am sure there is always a demand, just needed to find it

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    hey dude, u've got creative ideas there. The theme u mentioned abt the gym. I would really love to do that too as i'm interested in bodybuilding as well.

    demand and supply... yea.. u're right. we've gotta find them...

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    I'm more interested in photographing male models. Pls pm me if someone is organizing a male model shoot. Thanks

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