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    Its Rogue here. Comment about the composition, exposure etc etc.

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    First off, too much sky, it makes the image visually imbalanced. Exposure is all right. Nothing striking about the image really. Try not to post more than one a week in critique corner, I believe it's in the guidelines that no one ever reads
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    i bro,

    think this is a common composition. u might wana try to have small aperture with longer exposure when the sky just turns dark to naked eye. your photo will turn up with crisp blue sky and the lights should appear just right too.


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    would prefer a sky with clouds or variations of colors. if not the buildings by itself would look boring.

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    Seems like there's quite a lot of people shooting at this place, including me.

    This angle has a potential, I think it would be better if the picture was taken at dusk, sure be amazing!
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