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Thread: KONNIC + (Fake??) GP 2800mAh?

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    Question KONNIC + (Fake??) GP 2800mAh?

    What does it mean when the batt indicators on the LCD panel blinks? It happens when I stick in the GP 2800mAh batts.

    Btw, are there actually GP 2800mAh batts on the market? I got my set off Y!Auctions for $13.50 per set of 4. No card packaging, just shrinked wrapped in plastic. I've Googled and official GP sites do not indicate 2800mAh in their line-up.

    So how? Real or bluff one? How to test?

    ERROR: Should be Konnoc charger. Not Konnic.

    Addendum: D'oh. Sorry. This should be in the Reviews and Tech Talk section. No wonder I couldn't find my post there.
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