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    Lightbulb new group!

    hi. I am forming a new group... unorthodox photography.. a group which uses non conventional ways and gadgets to take pictures. interested please register with me.. fill you in later on with more info

    - painting with light..

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    any preview of works of this new idea?

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    im interested.may i know what your dealings?

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    we will be making gadgets ourselves.. like PC lenses, and pinhole photography.. budget method to achieve the almost same quality a what is outside and selling currently I am experimenting with the results using my SLR.. get back to you shortly

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    Talking about pinhole cameras, did you guys take a look at where you can download to print-make a pinhole camera?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronwong
    any preview of works of this new idea?
    sorry.. not yet. I gotta experiment and after proven that it work, tehn can post.. dun want any disappointments lah


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