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Thread: A night with esplanade

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    Comments from everyone.....

    Regards... Rogue

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    looks nice.. especially the trail lights from the sampan

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    You're a little too late... the sky's pitch black and ambient light is virtually zero, which also means the the highlights are really blown out.

    Common newbie faux pas to think that night shots must be taken at night when its dark. Avoid shooting when its too dark unless you have a reason to, ie Darren Soh (local photographer) shot at odd hours cos that was his theme - While you were sleeping.

    So unless you're doing another while you were sleeping, shoot earlier when there's more ambient light and you can control the highlights better. Which means no later than ~ 8pm. Beyond that it gets too dark.

    Also the shot is overexposed. Cut exposure timings. You're over doing it. This is also cos you're shooting too late - since its dark you'll have to expose longer to ensure the shadows retain some detail. This causes other areas to overexpose. So its a vicious cycle.

    Your shot suffers from highly visible compression artifacts. I know its for the web, but down sizing doesn't mean degrading image quality to a point where the artifacts can be seen clearly. Check out the other posts.... the images are small, but pin sharp with no visible compression artifacts. If you look closely, you can even see banding... which is very serious.

    I suspect you left the camera on one of the auto modes? Don't do that. Learn how to control your exposures. Auto exposure can't really handle night scenes.

    Composition can be improved. There are better shooting locations than the one you chose. The shelters on the right do not blend well with the overall picture.
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    Work on your composition and framing. Too much wasted space in the foreground. The background is blurred.

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    Solari and Klose,

    Thanks for the comments. Do elaborate more about the composition for the image you've commented on. Will closing up be better. How do you tell this image is overexposed???


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