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Thread: FS: Apple White iBook 500Mhz/320MB RAM/10GB HD/Firewire/USB/CD

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    Default FS: Apple White iBook 500Mhz/320MB RAM/10GB HD/Firewire/USB/CD

    Selling a 1.6yr White (IceBook) Apple iBook 500Mhz/320MB RAM/10GB HDD/Firewire/USB/CdRom.

    Comes with Box, Unfilled Warranty, Software, RGB Monitor Adaptor, Battery & Power Adaptor. Will include a Black Canon Laptop Bag and USB Mouse Free. OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) Installed. Microsoft Office X, Photoshop 7, lots of others included. Front and Back covers have the common usage cosmetic scratch marks.

    Great for Digital Photographers on the go. OS X is true plug-&-play for 99% of new digicams.

    Asking $1230.00 Email me an offer if you're interested.

    Alternatively, drop me an SMS at 9749-0313.

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    Moving this thread to Banal Talk as it's not photography-related.


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