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Thread: A Sungei Buloh recommendation

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    Default A Sungei Buloh recommendation

    If you didn't know it already, winter is <the> month for visiting Sungei Buloh because of all the migratory shorebirds and even a migratory black-capped kingfisher.

    Furthermore, there seem to be plenty of insect shooting opportunities - i saw a group of insect photographers hunting for insects. Then I saw another chap with a D60, 300 f/2.8 and bellows (ok, not attached to each other, he may have another lens for his bellows) etc.. When asked what he was looking for, he said insects...

    Just a typical pic of how many birds there are... the image is a heavy crop - the insert pic is the full frame. 1/160 balanced on ledge with IS mode 2 (just testing it out)

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    I visited that place a couple of times, found not many birds and not easy to approach as well. Wondering any tips from other birders? May want to try my luck in the future if it proves enough birds there


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