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Thread: Renting of oly items.

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    Default Renting of oly items.

    Hi guys,

    Just checking, do any of you guys know of any place or ppl who rents out olympus items?
    Reason for asking is, I need to use a flash(fl-36/50) and maybe the 50mm lens. Will be using it for 1 day only as my sis is getting engaged. So hope you guys can provide some leads. Thanx for the help.

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    Default Re: Renting of oly items.

    i know. need to double check first before i provide further info.
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    Get the FL50 for weddings and engagements. The FL-36 wont be powerfull enough for such and event, not to mention its slower recycling time.
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    You would be better off with the 14-54mm (I shoot fashion editorials with this lens a lot!) and a FL-50 for weddings/engagements/ROM. Though an additional 11-22 would be good to take group pictures especially at tight settings. Is this a ROM event? Check out the Wedding section to get some ideas of compositions and stuff. It helps to have some references and ideas.

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    Hi plastic & Raptor1,

    Thanx for the advice. I'll most prob go for the FL-50. If can't rent, then might just have to buy... anyway, I am gonna buy a flash sooner or later. Might as well buy now...
    Anyone else wanna buy? Buy together maybe can get cheaper... but then, maybe not leh... I'm not paying by cash... usually only with cash then price cheaper...

    It's not an ROM event. Just a simple engagement ceremony at home.

    Would love to get the 14-54 in future... or maybe even the 35-100(but my skills would not do justice to this lens lah...actually no skills to start with... and no $$$ too heh...) But for now, my 14-45 & 40-150 is good enough.

    Btw, anyone here owns the Lowepro Orion AW? Thought of buying it but can't seem to find it in the shops.
    Will be going for holiday in aust next mth, so I'd wanna get a backpack that I can also convert to a beltpacks. Other that the Orion AW, anyone here can recommend any similar bag style? Considering also the Orion Trekker II, Tamrac Adventure 7.
    Need to buy cir-polarizer. Any recommendations?
    Want to buy in the future... 50mm, 50-200mm and the list goes on... hehe... $$$ not enough...!

    Thanx for all the assistance fellas! & Thanx for your patience in entertaining my Q's and my ramblings...
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