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Thread: KL for photography?

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    Default KL for photography?

    Hi guys

    (hope this is the right forum)

    I will be traveling with my wife to Northern Vietnam for photography in June and will be stopping over KL Malaysia for about 3 days.

    Just wondering whether there are good places in KL for photos. We love temples and markets and basically life of local...

    Was thinking of going to Malaca too, but that's going to take a day out of three...

    Also, any good camera shops I can check out in KL too ?? Am thinking of getting myself a Canon 135 f2 hehe

    Any other advice for good food and shopping will be also appreciated



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    Default Re: KL for photography?

    Petronas twin tower. Have a pleasant trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenele
    Petronas twin tower. Have a pleasant trip.

    Anything else apart from the twin tower??

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    Try Petaling Street (China Town) which is an excellent place for street photography and the nearby Central Market. There is also an Indian Temple located within Chinatown. Putrajaya offers many bridges and majestic buildings but it might boring - like visiting Canberra!
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    Thanks cto180... that might be exactly what we are looking for

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    Some of the buildings in KL are of a rather unusual design, so i think that's something to look out for as well.

    Another thing tho, try to be discreet abt your equipment. The last thing you want to do is attract the "wrong" kind of attention.

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    There are many night markets (some open only on weekends) but they are bustling with activity at night. They are spread across KL, PJ. There are still many old shophouses around the city. Can't tell u the exact locations cos too many. Walk around but like what Hobbesyeo said, keep your equipment under wraps until u want to shoot. I don't even dare to go there for photo shoots alone.

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    Thanks a lot for your advice guys

    Yes, I will try to be as discreet as I can


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