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Thread: Anyone into Independent Films?

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    Default Anyone into Independent Films?

    Heh, just wanted to check around if anyone were into independent films and documentaries...

    Recently caught Paradise Now at the Picturehouse at Cathay - they have a pretty good selection of films screening.. Not much of my friends can appreciate these films, may have to find kakis to go watch them with me
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    Was into independent films, but unfortunately singapore censorship is so blatant.

    recently caught a $10 movie at Cathay, Invisible Waves (wah so expensive)
    The blatant censorship on the movie made me confused, in an already confusing film by the thailand director , Pen-Ek Ratanaruang who made one of my favorite, Monrak transitor and
    last life in the universe.

    Catch Singapore Gaga before it ends on sunday 14may2006.

    Hope to catch some movies in upcoming film festivals. recommend me some good films leh

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    Last Life in the Universe... Nice... I love Christopher Doyle..
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    Default Re: Anyone into Independent Films?

    Garden State is a nice film, and films from Palestine are a great introduction to orientalism
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