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Thread: Mini tripods and ballheads?

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    Default Mini tripods and ballheads?

    I originally wanted to get a slik pro 340DX for my upcoming aussie trip but i decided to put off that purchase until after the trip as i did not want to carry that additional load. however i'm interested in getting a mini table top kinda tripod for the trip instead. it has to hold my 350D with 420EX and 24-85mm.

    i looked at the slik website and found the slik mini pro III. anyone has used that before or has other mini tripods to recommend? budget is prefeably below 100.

    also, was thinking of getting a good reliable ball head. was thinking of the manfrotto 484rc2. but i heard all/most manfrotto stocks are out till the new agent takes over in july. anything else to recommend? i want a ballhead with a quick release.

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    Slik sprint is light and good for travel. Fits your budget too. Check the specs first though.

    At present, your best bet for 484rc2 is the 2nd hand market but its a rare item on B&S.

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    I have a Slik mini pro V, as in all tripods it is a little restrictive. I got this online. the postage cost as much as the item itself.

    but take a look at this

    I'm tempted to get this, but no $$


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