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Thread: Oh No! My wife found out liao....

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    Default Re: Oh No! My wife found out liao....

    Quote Originally Posted by gryphon
    Say... I need 400mm to take photo of the gal at opposite block

    Best is to buy before marriage than TRY to stop buying
    Hope I don't have this problem in future
    Alternatively, an easier way is to 'settle down' on the areas of speciality u'd like to shoot, complete the specific speciality lens collection BEFORE u get married.

    Wides lens for landscapes
    Portraiture lens for portraits
    Macro lens for macros
    Standard 24, 28, 35, 50 lens for general purpose shooting.
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    Default Re: Oh No! My wife found out liao....

    Quote Originally Posted by DeSwitch
    A new Lens in the cabinet lah. What did you thought it was.

    For almost 2 months, she did not realise that the 100-400L was inside the cabinet and when I took it out for outings. She thought it was my old 70-200.

    However, last weekend, she found my receipt and manual for the lens and was shocked at the price. Well as usual, the NAG began.... lasted a few days.

    How could she not notice such a big lens for that long and for the record, my dri cabi is in my bedroom and the lens is very visible (center tray right in front)

    If only I didnt leave my receipt and manual on my desk (was reading the manual earlier), God knows when will she ever notice.
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    Default Re: Oh No! My wife found out liao....

    Quote Originally Posted by wrx_sti_22b
    Like yesterday she had a 'Guess' bag, but today she got a 'Gucci' bag... You dun even know the price different & both features the monogram 'G'...
    Sound like the "G" on Nikkor lens

    G-type Nikkor lens
    The G-type Nikkor has no aperture ring; aparture should be selected from camera body.

    They(wife) should not nag at us when we buy Lens just as we dont nag at them for buying Handbags. Fair and square. When we discuss with then (if we ever did) to buy lens, it our own $$$, if they ever discuss with us to buy Gucci or whatever bags, they are actually asking us to buy the bag for them. That the difference in the outcome of the so called mutual understand and discussion with your spouse.

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