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Thread: Should I wait till?

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    Default Re: Should I wait till?

    When ever you buy it (unless second hand) it will always go lower at some time.

    Get one for the best price you can NOW and USE IT !

    Don't make the mistake of looking at prices after you have it because "first line"!!!
    Time, is an effortless construction :)

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    Default Re: Should I wait till?

    Waiting game nv ends. Need a camera. Just get one.... or not you nv going to get one by waiting...and when the IT fair comes...guess u will say wait for a replacement to the 350D cause u find it too old already...

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    Default Re: Should I wait till?

    Speaking of the 350D, i've heard that it'll be replaced by the end of this year.
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    Default Re: Should I wait till?

    Get a used one and try it to see if you like it......a safer approach.

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    Default Re: Should I wait till?

    there are some good offers at the HN warehouse sale at Expo...went down yesterday...and considering they are one of the guys selling cameras at those IT fairs...

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    Hi guys,

    Finally its in my hands..
    my first it from the HN sale @ expo last night.

    Not exactly the best of deals ard, but good enough for me to part with my money...
    Was enticed by the 0% installment interest actually..

    Paid S$1,749 for kit+cam, 2 pcs 1GB CF Ultra Scandisk, 1 pc of 2GB CF...
    and the usual lens book, tripod and camera..

    Anyway, no point thinking abt the money right now..
    Time to think about how to shoot great pics like everyone else...
    Hope to join u guys one day for an shooting trip...

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