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    Hi all!
    Travel & photography have been my interests for a long time. This forum
    has provided the community for photography for equally that long
    Now, me & a close friend has decided to start a forum for my other interest,

    Essentially, Wookup is Web Hookup, where the community can

    - Place requests for travellers to courier items or run errands for you on their trips;
    - Offer your courier/concierge services (as a traveller) to the community
    - Offer/Request donations for international community service projects
    - Look for travel kakis, plan for trips
    - Share itineraries, tips & info on various destinations
    - Buy/Sell/Rent/Share travel related items

    I've even come up with a simple pre-trip checklist for beginner travellers
    for them to refer to for preparation and also offered some guidebooks for
    anyone to borrow.

    Go take a look!

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    There is also RSS feed, so you can monitor the replies to your requests using your favourite aggregator etc...

    Check it out!

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    Check it out!

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    Hello All!

    We at Wookup Travelnet is very happy to add 2 new free community-based services to the travelling Singaporeans :-

    The Wookup Travelnet Library ( is arguably Singapore's first and only dedicated community library of guidebooks, maps and brochures. Another purely-community-driven project, we sought and collected these materials from local and worldwide tourism offices. Members of Wookup travelnet can freely borrow these materials for their trip research, trips, etc.

    We currently have 485 items (maps, brochures, etc.) covering 29 countries - and we're still growing by the day!

    And yes, we seek contributions too, so if you have maps/guides that is brought back from your overseas trip and do not need it anymore, consider donating to the library!,76.0.html

    The other service is the Wookup travelnet PackageWatch (, an online consolidated list of travel packages that are offered by local travel agencies.

    So travellers, join in and spread the word!
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    I got lots of stuff from chengdu and a map of chengdu city
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    this is one cool service man!

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    Great! If you're willing to donate them, signin and pm the admin, yah?

    Quote Originally Posted by yanyewkay
    I got lots of stuff from chengdu and a map of chengdu city

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    Eh, we thought so too...

    Quote Originally Posted by wainism
    this is one cool service man!


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