Even the big boyz get it wrong and then make changes to suit photographers

rob galbraiths site, www.robgalbraith.com, recent carried an item about the very lucrative Microsoft Future Pro Photographers contest .
In it Microsoft stated that all entries become the property of the organisers, now faced with a backlash from shooters, they have ammended the rules so that all non wining entries remain the ownership of the photographer and only wining entries become the property of microsoft - well done rob

on note is that this contest is only open for students attending degree courses and no where in the rules does it state that this is a US only contest so all those students out there get clicking as there is $USD20,000 up for grabs, entires close online on May 31

"It's open to photographers 18 years or older who are currently enrolled in a two-year, four-year, or advanced degree granting college or university.The grand prize is US$20,000 in cash plus thousands of dollars worth of computer hardware and software, including a Canon EOS 30D, a Dell workstation computer, an Epson Stylus Photo 2400 printer, and Adobe Creative Suite 2." http://forums.clubsnap.org/images/cs...lies/angel.gif