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Thread: What settings for Dry Box?

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    Apologies, what setting should I use for my dry box. I am using it to keep my old Sharp Handycam + V8 tapes, Sony viewcam + miniDV tapes and my Canon S3 IS. The box has no manual. I don't even know which way to turn the knob! Does turning "Humidity Control" to "HI" means "higher setting" and therefore "lower humidity" or it simply means "Higher Humidity"? Because anti-clockwise according to the knob is "HI" humidity but on the display, it is 20% RH. Trial & error did not seem to get me anywhere.

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    Probably doing a search in the forums will give u an answer

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    From the photo, humidity display shown about 66%RH???

    Set humidizer unit knob to A should give you around 40-50%RH, which is recommended for photography or videography equipment.

    If the humidizer unit working, you should feel a bit cold inside the drycab. And the humidity display is around 40-50%RH (if knob set to A). If you feel cold inside the drycab, but the display is 20%RH, you must check whether the humidity display is working. Turn off the drycab, open the drycab's door, and wait. The display should be around 70-90%RH (Singapore humidity).



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