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Thread: AG153 Photo-Story ( Team P.A.P )

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    Sensing that this is not the Promised Land they are seeking for,
    the determined group continue their journey


    They treaded the darkest paths

    fought against minions of the dark side

    And even mystical beasts !

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    On and on the party pushed themselves ....

    they continued to witness the joy and sorrow of ...


    old age


    and death ...

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    the adventurers reflected upon themselves ...

    and realised that it's pointless to search of the Promised Land,
    instead, they have to build their own Utopia!
    and so they did ... amidst the ruins surrounding them

    eventually, a new city was born,
    contended, the weary travelers decided to call this place home ...

    and share tales of their adventure to willing ears

    The End (?) ...

    borrowing rng's post -
    This thread wouldn't exist if no one organised the trip.

    Just wanna say a big Thank You to B and all the group leaders who organised the trip. I must say that is was thoroughly enjoyable!

    Good job guys!

    Comments on the pics are most welcome. Wanna learn as much as we can.

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