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Thread: PortableHDD limits to 32gb?

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    i just got a digimateIII from a fellow CSer recently. i looked at compact drive and a couple of other HDD casings before and they all come in 40,80,100,120gb etc. and i've been reading up and found out that these casings will only work if the HDD is in the fat32 format. and i was told that the fat32 file format only limits to 32gb per partition?(pls correct me if i'm wrong) so how can i fully utilise my 40gb harddrive that's inside my digimate or 80gb if i decide to upgrade in the near future?

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    FAT32 has a capacity limit of 2TB, since Win2K, MS had taken the step to limit FAT32 to 32GB for whatever reasons, you go figure. However, that aside, if you format it in Mac using FAT32 filesystem, Windows can read/write the full capacity of the drive without a problem.

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    I booted up via a Win98SE CDROM, then fdisk the harddrive and format it via DOS. Be warned to do this only if you're experienced.

    Win98 can format HDDs larger than 32GB in FAT with no limitations.


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