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Thread: Ni-MH battery, please recommend

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    Default Ni-MH battery, please recommend

    Hi guys.

    I have used both the Sanyo 2500 and the Fuji 2500 rechargables.
    The Sanyo was crap (as all of you may already have known from another thread) and now, after about 20 charges, my Fuji batteries are also not holding charges for more than 2 days! This is very upsetting as the batteries dont come cheap. I'm going to buy new batteries (AA sized). What do you guys recommend? Which are the most durable ones? Should I change my charger too (currently using a Sanyo Quick charger)

    Thanks all.

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    have you tried eneloop from sanyo? I bought at south asia for 2 for $16. Supposedly hold charge for like YEARS....

    I have tried sanyo 2500mAH, stopped using them. Then switched to varta but don't hold charge very long either and has bad smell during charging. Hopefully eneloop will be better.

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    Default Re: Ni-MH battery, please recommend

    how is your personal observation?
    does it work as claimed?

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    Default Re: Ni-MH battery, please recommend

    how about PowerEx??
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    Default Re: Ni-MH battery, please recommend

    Quote Originally Posted by 29tim05
    how about PowerEx??
    definitely my choice.... go for it... 2300mha is good enuff...
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