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    Hey guys, I recently heard from a friend about this gallery called HYPE, supposed to be some community project by HP, it allows people to exhibit their artistic works at no charge, heck, it says they even print it out for you, any one know if this is real? its a project funded by government seed funding, found it at

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    Seems authentic enough... But to me it looks like a marketing/branding gimmick by HP to promote its range of products, e.g. printers, projectors, etc. Anyway no harm trying out the place as its free and for budding photographers like me, it is a cost-effective way to make my works known

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    i emailed that tommy guy two days ago for more info but still no reply leh...
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    Its for real. I remember they used to hold it at the Arts House.
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    the event ended last year around august if i remember correctly, the works are still on the website

    i have 2 pieces there, 1. HistorY and PeacE and 2. Her Yearning for a Path to Escape, managed to sell 1 piece so far

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    Oh wow, its nice to know that it really did work, too abd it aint still going strong though T_T


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