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Thread: Where to sell old laptop?

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    Default Where to sell old laptop?

    I have a old Toshiba Satellite, P3 laptop for sale.

    In excellent working condition, except that battery is more or less dead and does not come with ac adapter.

    Anyone knows where I can sell it?

    Thanks. Any idea how much it might fetch?

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    You can try posting it on hardware zone or yahoo classifieds or you can got to Sim Lim Sq and got the the 5th and 6th floors to ask how much they'll take in your old notebook. There are quite a few shops selling old notebooks there. I don't think it'll be a very good price though (no idea of the market rate for 2nd hand P3 notebooks).

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    Default Re: Where to sell old laptop?

    dragos, have you tried looking at the newspapers? (especially New Paper) In the Classified section, there are plenty of people offering to buy old laptops. They even make house calls! Have you seen/considered this option?

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    Default Re: Where to sell old laptop?

    quite tempted to go this option but need to know if anyone got any recommendations?


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