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Thread: Change of camera

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    Congrats to you on your new gear! Whatever the brand, the most important thing is the person standing behind it and using it. If you feel more comfortable with this gear, then that is what counts most (after all its your hard earned cash)!

    Merry Christmas all!

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    Originally posted by erwinx

    maybe i have the generations mixed up. If the 300 f/4 is '2nd generation', then its the 3rd generation and later that are tripod compatible... the 300 f/4 and 100-400 do not have tripod compatible IS.

    As for the usefulness of IS/MLU, this is an article from Fritz Poelking, another 'Nikon defector':
    Now I know what you mean.....but that IS only reserved for very very very very very expensive lenses lor....300f2.8L IS, 400f2.8L IS, 500f4L IS and 600f4L IS these are the lenses with 4 AF stop buttons in the infront of the lens barrel which can be controlled by CF-19 (if I am not wrong) in EOS3.......
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