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    Thnx, was great to join this forum....., i'm into photography but cant quite afford a digital SLR at the moment so i'll just learn the ropes and polish up my skills wif my Olympus c770 till i can cough up the dough for the DSLR (any recommendations ?? looking at the Olympus E series, izzit good and how's the batt life?)

    Juz wanna know any bros know where i could get a tele and wide angle lens for my camera and wat's the damage like for them ?

    the battery sucks as i took it to the CP rally and the batt died on me after say 30 -40 shots. i've called olympus and they have said that the ext'g batt LI-10 has been upgraded to LI-12 or something and it cost abt $68/pc, guessed i'ved got to get them soon b6 next week's CP rally at Kallang.

    Thansk and glad to be part of the community

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    perhaps u can ask in the olympus sub forum... got more response there..
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    thnx, will repost there.


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