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Thread: interesting webbie i came across

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    Default interesting webbie i came across

    hi all jus wanted to share this interesting webpage w u's new to me but e front page is already so cute..navigating e webpage is really's a singapore based website:

    they are promoting e creative community in singapore and i think all of us here will b interested to explore this webpage cos we all love photography..there's this upcoming event "Objectifs Residency and Lab for Photography and Filmmaking" under happenings! in e webpage..go check it out k! it's nice tt singapore is beginning to promote e arts side of us =) alot things in there!! i find somemore stuff then tell u all..meanwhile,go check it out! have fun!

    PS: anyone interested in starting up a creative business? i jus read they provide seed funding, facilitation and marketing..mmm..sounds good..

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    Default Re: interesting webbie i came across

    sounds more like a marketing ploy

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    Default Re: interesting webbie i came across

    but... thanks anyway.


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